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Special paper towels for cleaning sneakers
Special paper towels for cleaning sneakers


Clean a variety of shoe surface stains

Lotion ingredients:

Water, surfactants, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sodium sulfate (AES)

Detailed description

product manual:

Product design concept:

Dry and wet separation: The traditional wet wipes are kept in a sealed and wet state for a long time, which will increase the growth of bacteria. Therefore, we developed this dry and wet separation wipes.

Lotion ingredients: Special use of surfactants to replace the past wet wipes syrup additives, improve the cleansing effect, antibacterial and moisturizing effect at the same time.

Paper towel material: It is made of non-imitation cloth, the main ingredients are 100% plasticizer-free, it can be decomposed and incinerated without pollution. It is an environmentally friendly material.

Appearance innovation: Epoxy-type creativity is added to the shell design, giving consumers an extra layer of fun in use. In addition, the outer shell is made of edible PP material, which can be recycled and reused.

Anti-counterfeiting label: Using the latest technology: optical focal change technology.


It is formulated with a variety of special active agents and Zengbai enzymes, and the dirt can be removed by gently wiping the upper to avoid alkaline washing.

Powerful decontamination, whitening and brightening, improve the brightness of the shoe surface after use.

The design of wet and dry separation is more convenient to use and easy to carry.

Serve the public with environmentally friendly and healthy products
Contribute to the protection of human health

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